Cool stuff at TED 2006

Bruno Giussani is doing an incredible job of blogging the TED conference in Monterey.

So far, I’ve found the presentations by Hans Rosling, Bill Joy, Al Gore, Neil Gershenfeld, Mena Trott, Richard Baraniuk, and Peter Gabriel to be more or less mind blowing.

Plus, as he did at Davos, Loic Le Meur is recording podcasts, including this one of Al Gore’s TED presentation.

Feb 26 update: Loic removed the Gore speech podcast, as it wasn’t in keeping with TED conference norms.  But you’ll be able to see and hear an even more compelling version when the movie comes out in May. )

2 thoughts on “Cool stuff at TED 2006

  1. i am very surprised, and a bit disappointed, that TED is not one giant podcast. us normal folk who are unlucky enough to not be able to attend could benefit from hearing, albeit slightly time shifted, as it is happening. i thought the al gore speech was awesome and eagarly await the video so that i can see the images he spoke of, though with all the talk at TED about free flow of information, having someone remove a podcast of a great speech seems ridiculous and a bit hypocritcal.

  2. Anthony makes an excellent point. Pulling this important speach, and I assume others as well, seems contradictory to me. I hope someone knows of some other sources we might tap for Vice President Gore’s speech.

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