Brands are what we say they are: Brand Tags

Brand Tags is a website about something very near the absolute truth when it comes to the essence of brands.  It is truthful because it is not about positioning statements or a theories of meaning emanating from self-proclaimed branding gurus sitting deep inside corporate campuses.  Instead, it uses crowdsourcing to let all of us know what all of us really think brands stand for.

It is instructive and illuminating to peruse the catalog of brands.  For instance, this site helped me understand the gap I feel between my fondness for cars made by BMW and some aspects of the brand that surrounds them.  Here’s what the crowd thinks of BMW:


I admire this site because it flips the fundamental equation of formal market research on its head.  Instead of a few asking the many to provide isolated points of data which are aggregated in private for the exclusive use of the few, this is about the many publicly commenting on the work of a few.  It’s brand equity made transparent.  The internet changes the equation of one-to-many communications such as market research so radically that we have to question many of the market research methodologies that worked well for the past fifty years.

Enough sermonizing.  The battle mode is a fun time sink — watch out!


1 thought on “Brands are what we say they are: Brand Tags

  1. It’s not the people that humbly appreciate their BMW’s that are the A-holes; it’s the ones who buy BMW’s because that’s what they’re supposed to buy to be cool. Those types of BMW drivers tend to be arrogant and use their car as an ego crutch object in attempts to make themselves feel better than others. This phenomena is not exclusive to BMW drivers though. It transcends many brands.

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