Innovating, not innovation

At IDEO (the firm I work at), we recently held a "chain reaction" event across all of our offices:  Shanghai, Munich, London, New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Palo Alto.  Self-nominated teams in each office crafted their own chain reaction experience, each of which was triggered by another chain reaction experience sitting in another office.  It all took place on one Friday morning…

Why?  Because… just because.  Because it is fun.  Because it is there.  Because cultures that play on a routine basis are more likely to be innovative routinely.  Because the question "how can we be more innovative?" is better couched as "how can we be more comfortable acting in innovative ways?".  It's about encouraging a behavior, not a thing.  A verb, not a noun. 

Since innovative behavior is about both the practitioner and the environment they live in, why not do something that buffs both?

You can see more about this grand world exercise at IDEO Labs

PS:  the "trick" in the NYC/SF transition was done using a body double 

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