Another thought on prototyping…

Here's another stab at articulating this foundational concept:

Prototype as if you are right but listen and observe as if
you are wrong:  this approach develops better solutions faster, and forces you to never settle.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Another thought on prototyping…

  1. I like how this is said, especially the second part where it explains the benefits of “thinking right” but “listening wrong”. Well said.

  2. While in London I was floored last week by an off-the-cuff explanation by Catherine Edgar as to why prototyping is valuable… she said “prototyping is the best way to answer a question in the context of other questions.”

  3. diego, here is a slight modification …to capture the context.
    “Prototype as if you are right, but listen and observe feedback as if you are wrong”

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