Always in beta

In the spirit of always being in beta, never leaving well enough alone,
and continuing to use this blog as an intellectual sandbox, the staff
of metacool have made a few small changes to this blog.

First, a shift from nouns to verbs.  Sharp-eyed web surfers will notice
that the topical categories on metacool are no longer nouns.  Instead
of “design”, there’s “designing”.  Innovation is now innovating,
leading has replaced leadership, and marketing is, well… marketing.
Doing seems more important to me than ever, and so the verbs have it.

Second, we’ve rounded up a group of books and placed them under the
heading of — hold on to your seat, folks COOL BOOKS.  I find myself
going back to these again and again for clarity, insight, and
inspiration.  This list is partly for me, so that I can remember what I’ve read that worked for me.  Hopefully you’ll find it useful, too.