Yet another reason why I venerate, respect, and love Alex Zanardi


Today Alex Zanardi placed 4th out of 53 competitors in the hand cycle class of today’s New York Marathon.  Not bad for a guy who not only didn’t train for the marathon, but who died several times on the way to the hospital after losing his legs six years ago.

I love and respect Zanardi because he’s such a racer.  Run a marathon?  No problem, let’s do it.  Get back in the saddle and race the bejeezus out of touring cars (in a BMW, natch!)?  No problem, let’s do it.  Write some inspiring books about your life and times?  No problem, let’s do it.

In a world where negative whining often poses as concrete action, it’s great to see someone who just gets on with it.  I have the distinct pleasure of hanging out with some people who make a living carving amazing things out of aluminum, wood, steel, and plastic.  Their job is really hard, because there is no bullshit factor due to the inherent tangibility of their medium; unlike a glossy PowerPoint deck, a milled piece of aluminum is either it, or is not.  They have a saying they roll out when someone is paralyzed by the prospect of  something new, something that might lead to failure, loss of status, or pain: Just F****** Do It.  JFDI.

Zanardi is a JFDI kind of guy.  In other words, a racer.  Racers are innovators.

2 thoughts on “Yet another reason why I venerate, respect, and love Alex Zanardi

  1. That JFDI attitude might also be why they’re innovative. When they’re in a position where it’s not easy to move forward, but they have to, they’ll search for new ways to get to the next point.
    People who are easily defeated see an obstacle and give up. They don’t see an opportunity.

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