The importance of being frequestly fractal

Yesterday I went to the FAA website to see the latest carry-on guidelines.  Here’s what I saw:


What does "Frequestly" mean?  And how about the use of "our" instead of "out"? 

Here’s the obvious observation of the day: typos like these aren’t really helping the FAA brand.  I actually like the word "frequestly", and would find it to be brand enhancing if I heard it from Cranium or Virgin or Mini, but when the FAA speaks, we need it to sound like James Earl Jones.  We want the FAA to show us at every opportunity that they have their act together.  Brands are fractal entities, and the meaning of the whole is to found in the execution of even the lowliest detail.  Especially if your brand is all about rigor, safety, and juggling lots of big, heavy balls without dropping even one in a million.

4 thoughts on “The importance of being frequestly fractal

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    Diego Rodriguez at Metacool tells of visiting the Federal Aviation Administration web site to see the latest carry-on guidelines and discovering this: Frequestly? Find our what you can bring? As Diego says, Typos like these aren’t helping the FAA brand.

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