Words of Wisdom: Strategy vs. Tactics

"The right strategy makes any tactic work
better. The right strategy puts less pressure on executing your tactics

Here’s the obligatory January skiing analogy: Carving your turns
better is a tactic. Choosing the right ski area in the first place is a
strategy. Everyone skis better in Utah, it turns out.

If you are tired of hammering your head against the wall, if it
feels like you never are good enough, or that you’re working way too
hard, it doesn’t mean you’re a loser. It means you’ve got the wrong

Seth Godin

2 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom: Strategy vs. Tactics

  1. Well, they say that amateurs talk strategy while professionals talk logistics rather than tactics as tactics arise out of logistical delivery among many other reasons.
    Oh and yes, the skiing is pretty sweet here in Utah. 🙂

  2. Best analogy I ever heard:
    The objective is to win the war.
    The strategy is to take the hill.
    The tactics are “skinny guys behind the trees, fat guys behind the rock”.
    And the best skiing is definitely in British Columbia.

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