Tom Kelley Blogging about Innovation

My colleague Tom Kelley is writing about innovation this week over at Fast Company Now.   

You can hear a podcast of on interview Tom did on NPR about his new book titled The Ten Faces of Innovation.  If you’re at all interested in becoming a better innovator, the podcast is 45 minutes very well spent.  The book is worth your while, too!

2 thoughts on “Tom Kelley Blogging about Innovation

  1. In-depth interview with Tom Kelley of IDEO

    Dave Iverson of San Francisco public radio station KQED interviews Tom Kelley, the general manager of IDEO, about his new book The Ten Faces of Innovation. The 45 minute interview focuses on how to encourage and recognise daily innovation and creativi…

  2. The above link to the “podcast” takes you to which is not a podcast but a link to a streaming audio link page. I find it helpful to supply the actual podcast link too that way I can capture and place in my audio aggregator. Hope this helps:)

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