Title Inflation: Do it to the hilt!

Seth Godin is blogging about English Cut’s bespoke suits.   "In an era where you don’t have to wear a suit," says Seth, "a $3,000 suit is nothing but remarkable."

He has a point, but at a time where progressive organizations have dumped formal job titles, and where title inflation runs rampant in those companies where they’re still in use, to be truly remarkable one needs to go beyond mere Savile Row tailoring.  No, in this era of the post-modern economy, to be well and truly remarkable demands nothing less than a good old fashioned peerage.  If it’s clothes that make the man, it’s a royal title which makes The Man.

I’d quite fancy an org chart tag like Consignore Rodriguez

Want to be remarkable?  Why not do it to the hilt?

thanks to Alex for the tip