Thoughts on a cool white roof

A white roof on a car has been a good idea for a long time.  It keeps things cool.


It was a good idea on a Chevy Suburban back in the 60’s.  Good for proportions.


When they designed the original Mini, they thought white was great.  And it was.


An uncle had a Landcruiser.  It was very tippy in the corners (with a white roof).


It looks not half bad on the new FJ Cruiser.  Helps it look less like a Hummer.


White works very well on the new new Mini… at least on the roof. 


White is the new black roof… and it’s even on top of the new Ford Flex. 


Thank you for your time.  This is just the way my brain works.

Citroen photo: Jessica Bee

Suburban photo: SF Steve

Mini photo: mparthesius

Landcruiser photo: CasaLuMa

1 thought on “Thoughts on a cool white roof

  1. Not to spoil the beauty of a white roof, but my friend and I were talking about a.. solar panel roof! 🙂

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