The MacBook Air ain’t got nothin’ on this: metacool ships another one

Yeah, I dig the MacBook Air, too, but Apple’s big announcement of January 15th pales in comparison with big news coming out of metacool today: I’m very proud to announce that today we shipped yet another fantastic offering to market.  It’s much cooler than that other thing.

Coming from the same corporate gene pool, as it were, very little distinguishes this version from that of our last announcement in 2005 — they share not only total cuteness but an amazing list of features and functionality.  And yet each one is uniquely individual.  Look at this feature list and eat your heart out, Apple Design Team:

  • a complex, powerful, yet low-power consumption bio-computer running a self-teaching, open-source operating system
  • a huge amount of information storage capacity — won’t run out for decades, hopefully even a century
  • completely cradle-to-cradle in terms of production materials
  • low mass — all of this in a package only a few pounds heavier than the MacBook Air: a total of 8 pounds, 9 ounces, to be exact
  • timeless aesthetics; built for the ages

Branding is still TBD.  Am going to sleep on that (I really need to sleep, come to think of it). 

HonestIy, I can’t say that this one is in any way better than the previous one — I love ’em both.  But, I would say that metacool’s software development process has certainly benefited from the real-world experience gained over the past 31 months of intense development activity.  To quote Indiana Jones, it’s not the years, it’s the mileage.

5 thoughts on “The MacBook Air ain’t got nothin’ on this: metacool ships another one

  1. Congratulations! Well done (that’s to your wife though )!
    I’m still in lead with three so don’t stop there… and from experience, do not worry too much about the branding, that they’ll be good at themselves! (OK, a “product name” is useful…)

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