Director’s Commentary: James Nachtwey


Strictly speaking, 2007 TED Prize winner James Nachtwey isn’t a designer, and his acceptance speech video above isn’t a pure Director’s Commentary.  But because it provides such a vivid and thoughtful perspective on his mode of leadership by storytelling, it’s especially relevant to any discussion around design thinking.  Storytelling is one of the key pillars of design thinking, because it offers a way to communicate emotional content in a way that pure analytic thought and discourse cannot. 

Compare the impact of any of his images to any statistics you’ve heard about the costs of starvation, genocide, and war.  How might his approach change your own ways of communicating with others?

1 thought on “Director’s Commentary: James Nachtwey

  1. It’s nice to see that sincerity continues to win as a great storytelling/sales technique.

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