Stuff I’m liking

Can I say that? 

"Stuff I'm liking."  Grammar?  I think it works.  It's somewhat Borat-ish, but I think it works.  Hey, if I have a blog, and I publish something to the web, then it exists, right?

Here's some stuff I'm liking, with commentary as to what I see in it:

  1. Nuts, Bolts, and Jolts:  a wonderful collection of aphorisms and observations by Rich Moran.  It's an informative guide to surviving the hairball, and fun to read, too.  You may recognize Rich as the author of last week's fabulous thought of the day.  My idea octet of "organizational survival" books would start with Nuts, Bolts, and Jolts, and also include (in no particular order) The No Asshole Rule, Saint Joan, Orbiting the Giant Hairball, Don Quixote, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko, The Knowing-Doing Gap, and Up the Organization.  I'm liking it.
  2. Pink's Travel Tips:  Mr. Pink has a future in broadcast media, I think.  These are witty and they teach you something, too.  HAHU!
  3. Creativity and the rise of optimism:  this essay by Paul Bennett (full disclosure: Paul is a colleague of mine at IDEO) is really inspiring.  If a blog post could be an anthem, this would be my anthem for 2009.  We have to be optimistic.  This one helps us be that way.2009_honda_fit_red_new_sales
  4. The Honda Fit:  I love the way it looks.  It's more Mini than the Mini.  It's a modern interpretation of space maximization within a tightly constrained footprint, and it's not beholden to stylistic flourishes from the Eisenhower period.  I dig it.  With a more hyper iVTEC or a turbo diesel mill in there, it would truly be one for the ages.
  5. The Monocle Weekly:  I'm surprised how much I enjoy listening to content streaming over the web.  Ah!  It's like radio for your house; or, more precisely, I'm rediscovering the joy of listening to intelligent people go deep on an interesting subject, something I only ever experience when driving in my car.  I'm liking it.
  6. Miracle on the Hudson:  we all know about the incredible feat of calm thinking and flying that lead to an Airbus being safely ditched in the Hudson.  Leave it to Bob Sutton to pull some very interesting team dynamics lessons out of that episode.  Fascinating stuff.

I'm really liking all of it! 

2 thoughts on “Stuff I’m liking

  1. My wife has a new model Fit sport, she’ll get a kick out of knowing its on your like list. It really is a fantastic car. Like the mini’s, the Fit’s trunk is about 3X bigger on the inside than the outside.

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