Stories from the CIA Mini Conference


The mini-conference we held as part of the Creating Infectious Action course I’m teaching went really well.  I learned a ton from both the speakers and the audience — we had quite a crowd show up!

Part of that audience was Nick Baum, who works as a project manager at Google.  Nick is one of those cool people you meet at conferences like this — someone who’s lived all over the place, done loads of neato things, and writes one helluva interesting blog.  In fact, he’s done an enormous amount of work to document the conference on his blog, writing great summaries of the talks given by:

  • Paul Saffo, IFTF
  • Peter Ebert, SAP
  • Dr. Jamie Shandro, Stanford ER
  • Michael Dearing, eBay
  • Steve Jurvetson, DFJ
  • Paul Moore, Yahoo!
  • Perry Klebahn, Atlas Snowshoes

Read it all at Nick Baum’s  Creating Infectious Action mini-conference summary