CIA 2009: Kill Gas

1911 fiat s76 4-cyl 28,3-litre - felice nazzaro

Just the other week I met with the teaching team for the 2009 edition of Creating Infectious Action (CIA) at the Stanford, and we spent a few hours coming up with a new point of view for the class.  In previous years we've focused students on building something up, from finding ways to spread the idea of saving money to recruiting more users of Firefox.  This year, however, we want to try something different: we're going to have students try to take something down.  Really take it down, down to downtown. 

The mission of CIA 2009 will be to kill gas.  As in the gasoline you put in your car.  How can we spread the idea that gas is not the only answer?  We'll find out in the Spring of 2009.

Nothing is set in stone, however.  We're just prototyping the idea, which means that I'd really appreciate any feedback you have on this theme.  Can you imagine projects we can do?  Or organizations to work with?  Drop me a line or leave a comment below.

This should be a really interesting class, and I'm looking forward to learning a ton from the rest of the teaching team:  Perry Klebahn, Joe Mellin, and Bob Sutton.

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