Sound Matters, part 3

We live in a wonderful age where digital controls add another layer of life and complexity of behavior to analog devices such as the Renault Formula 1 motor above being played like a choir using a computer to control the rpms (the fun starts with 32 seconds left in the video).

Why must things sound boring or terrible?  Why not design them to sound the way they would sound if you stopped and thought about the right sound for the occasion? You know that ominous landing gear whine and clunk you hear right after take off in a jet liner?  Why not make that sound confidence-inspiring?  Everything can be designed, and to deliver a total experience, probably should be.

3 thoughts on “Sound Matters, part 3

  1. I wholeheartedly agree.
    As a designer, I’m currently trying to convince a major manufacturer to “tune” the sound of the air leaving the gas spring in office seating. It could connote a little more precision, and action, and definitely make a signiture sound.
    Think of the doors on star trek.

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