Some cool new blogs

When not blogging, or thinking about blogging, all of us here at metacool spend our waking hours scouring the net for other blogs that might help all of us get to a better place vis a vis the art and science of creating cool stuff.  In short, metacool aims to provide you with a fully edited user experience, saving you time and energy.  Kind of like Costco.

So, here are the latest additions to that most dynamic of lists, COOL BLOGS (at lower left):

  • Future of Marketing:  from the people at IFTF, this is Gizmodo for marketing types.
  • Noise Between Stations: thoughts on design & business.  Like metacool without the fluff.  Oh, wait, I just scanned his site and he’s linking to me.  Ships that pass in the night, indeed.
  • Orange is the New Pink:  Daniel Pink’s blog about this new book.  Should be interesting!
  • Simplicity:  I wrote about John Maeda’s simplicity workshop last year.  Here’s the blog — it’ll blow your mind.

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