Ride the High Country

“My father passed away in June of 2001. He was a kind and gentle man, and a great leader. My dad was a cowboy. He grew up in Southern Utah; he loved horses, and he loved to ride. There is a saying he taught us that captures much about the land he loved, and much about the spirit of leadership that was such an important part of his life. The saying is: ride the high country.

My dad knew that we live our lives in the valleys, but we don’t always have to ride there. We can ride the high country where the light is bright, and the sky is deep and blue, and where it seems you can almost ride forever. The meaning of this saying is: set your sights high. Get up out of the valleys and the shadows of everyday life and ride the high country. Soak up the light that is there, and let the wind blow in your hair, let your dreams soar, let your spirit for life, and for living, and for making a difference run free.”

Kim Clark