I’m happy to say that metacool turns four today.  Huzzah!

Four years ago my wife vacationed attended a yoga camp or something in Hawaii and I stayed behind in California because of work commitments.  Me, at home by my lonesome and wondering how I might learn a bit about how ideas diffuse across the web, decided to indulge my 3rd-grade ambition to be a writer, and cranked up this blog by writing a one-liner about the merits of ugly cars.  Thus was born metacool.*

Some 838 posts later, I’m still at it, and I thank you for your patronage and for the great conversations.  The great thing about taking risks in life and just doing something is that unexpected things emerge, stuff you never anticipated would happen.  I can honestly say that this little blog landed me two great new jobs, a new hobby that routinely transports me to a state of flow, and an incredible group of new friends.  Via metacool I’ve been able to befriend people everywhere from the Middle East to Japan, and just about everywhere in-between.  I’ve quite literally met some of my heroes, too.  I am very grateful for all of these human experiences.

My wife has been my biggest supporter.  I can be a bit obsessive about my passion for the art and science of bringing cool stuff to life.  For example, she came with me the day I visited the Ducati factory, the Pagani atelier, Fiorano raceway, and the Ferrari museum, all without even a pitstop for a coffee, let alone lunch.  That’s  love.  Please join me in thanking my wife for her patience and support over the past four years as I’ve dribbled out these posts.  I’d likely be a little fitter, our household a bit more together, and more rested than I am now if it weren’t for the time I spend writing stuff here.  But it is so fun, and I’ve learned so much.  My wife is just great, and words fail me.

Thanks for quattro, let’s go for otto.  And flow.

* actually, I already had a mailing list going on Yahoo Groups called metacool.  Blogging on TypePad, as it turned out, is much cooler than spamming your friends.

3 thoughts on “Quattro!

  1. There’s a Quattro getting around here in South Australia. I’m sure it belongs to Vern Schuppan. He drove it in a Classic Adelaide rally a couple of years ago. Your metacool blog inspired me to do a blog of my own where I mainly like to talk about a sports car you probably have never heard of – the Bolwell. If you are interested, it’s at http://wwwbollyblog.blogspot.com/

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