More news from the world of CIA-KGB

Dennis Whittle, the Chairman and CEO of Global Giving, is blogging about the student projects which were launched a few days ago in my CIA-KGB class at the Stanford  The class project ended up being a good experience because Dennis and many others from Global Giving gave an enormous amount of their time to help support the students in their work to create infectious action around the idea of social entrepreneurship in general, and Global Giving in particular.  Here’s an excerpt from his blog:

I was absolutely stunned by what each [group] could deliver in such as short period.

I was, too.  And since I think innovation only happens when real change is made in the world, I’m looking forward to seeing the impact of the six student projects over the next few months.  Here’s the first of Dennis’s posts on the class: 

You did THAT in FOUR weeks?

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