More on Principle 16

Earlier this year I wrote up a preliminary version of the sixteenth principle of innovation, Grok the gestalt of teams.  In the spirit of Principle 16, my colleague John Foster just posted a great blog post about teams, called Another kind of team.  Do give it a read.

Here are the four principles he outlines:

  1. Proactive Self Disclosure
  2. Conditional Statements
  3. Interpersonal Congruence
  4. Clarity of Purpose

It's a really good post, as you would expect from an subject expert like John!  In the spirit of Principles 4, 6 and 8, I'm going to borrow and steal more of his thinking in order to push Principle 16 to a better place.   Stay tuned for a revamped version.

As always, your comments, feedback, and ideas are not only welcome, but extremely valuable as I wade through this space.