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"When you come out of college, you’re raw. You have energy. You want
to experiment. You want to learn. You have hopes. You have aspirations.
You want be Oprah Winfrey.
You want to be Steve Jobs. You want to be Bill Gates. You want to be
all that. Slowly, over time, you lose it. And by looking in the mirror
every day as you get older, you fool yourself that you’re O.K. There
has to be another way of looking in the mirror and revisiting what you
really want to do.

So I would say, maybe at the end of college,
write it down honestly, in 100 words or whatever it is, and put it in a
box. I call it the magic box. Revisit it once a year or once every two
years and say, how honest are you to that? Don’t let anybody run your
life. That, in my mind, is very, very important. You should be in
control of your life"

Vineet Nayar

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  1. Another quote i’ve heard recently is
    “when you are young, you’re full of dreams
    when you are old, you’re full of shit”.

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