Live webcast of my AlwaysOn keynote

You can find a live broadcast of my AlwaysOn keynote here live at 8 AM PST, Wednesday July 26.

Bob Sutton and I are going to talk about Tales from a Double-Wide Trailer, which is a story about the lessons we learned from teaching our Creating Infectious Action class at the Stanford  Then we’ll have a group discussion about stoking contagious behavior with:

  • Mitchell Baker, CEO of
  • Perry Klebahn, founder of Atlas Snow Shoes
  • Gil Penchino, CEO of Wikia

If you’re online while we’re onstage, please please submit a question for the panel discussion, and we’ll try to make it part of the discussion.

The organizers of the conference have put in place two interesting innovations.  First, the bloggers are sitting in the front row at a table reminiscent of something out of a McMenamin’s brew pub movie theater, instead of in their customary back-of-the-auditorium position.  Second, there’s a rolling screen of comments from people online.  So far some have been funny, some rude, some trenchant, some insightful.  Interesting stuff.