Making meaning at Le Mans


The 24 Hours of Le Mans race is on!  If you’re a motorsports fan, it doesn’t get much better than the complex brew of strategy, technology, and teamwork necessary to win a day-long endurance race.  It’s fascinating stuff — Le Mans is to auto racing fan what Wagner’s Ring Cycle is to opera buffs.

Le Mans is still relevant even if you loathe racing.  Last year Audi made history by winning the race with leading-edge diesel technology, a racing first.  This year Peugeot joins the diesel fray with their wicked-looking 908.  Diesel is not the ultimate answer to the environmental challenges facing us today, but it is a more efficient alternative to traditional gasoline technology.  What Audi and Peugeot are doing at Le Mans is all about creating a more attractive story around clean diesel motors so that they become more desirable to the general populace.  It’s a good example of trying to make green more red.