Knock Knock

The other day I was asked to name the person I’d most like to have evaluate the design of a website.  A few designer names swept through my head, but then I thought, "No, I’d want a marketer who thinks like a designer who thinks like a marketer.  Seth Godin." 

Over the past five years I’ve had a hand in architecting and building five major websites, and Seth’s thoughts on permission marketing, sneezing, and remarkability played no small part in shaping their design.  This one was done on less than a shoestring budget but got nominated for a WebbyThis one is built around getting people to a permission asset, and as a bonus gives sneezers a handy little manifesto for cocktail parties, too. 

Seth just wrote a new guide to creating websites that work.  It’s free, it’s here, it’s Knock Knock

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