Yin Yang Innovation blogs (and lawyers)


I’ve added two cool blogs to my COOL STUFF section.  They’re a yin yang combo for innovators.  They’re both of a legal bent, but from totally different points of view.  Yes, I know, legal stuff.  Bear with me here:

Patent Pending Blog:  about patents. Obviously.  This blog is a great reminder of how there’s really very little new under the sun.  It’s good, clean fun, too — who wouldn’t want to read about Harry Houdini’s Diving Suit?  And look at those gents in the illustration above.  They’re cruising around in a rolling iron yurt, discussing the state of their stock portfolios.  Think of it as a collection of Unabashed Gearhead Gnarlyness, Antique Edition.

Business Bankruptcy Blog:  no, I don’t enjoy looking at traffic accidents.  But this is important stuff for innovators know about, because business viability and sustainability are key to getting stuff done in the world. 

I think if you make the Bankruptcy blog, VentureBlog, Feld Thoughts, and The Economist a part of your regular reading schedule, you’ll be way ahead of the new venture business curve.