3 thoughts on “Stanford’s new Institute of Design (aka the “d.school”)

  1. Design Thinking Books

    We’ve started an interesting discussion about design books on this blog, and as the design thinker on the 800-CEO-READ Blog crew, I would like to add some fuel to the fire, as it were. I teach a graduate-level class at…

  2. Diego, I really liked your post about design books on 800-CEO blog. What do you think about this upcoming book
    http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0131860828/? Jon Cagan and Craig Vogel have done some impressive work on the design management at Carnegie Mellon University and I am curious to read your thoughts on their ideas. Dari

  3. Creating a Cuture of Innovation

    That’s the plan at the Stanford Institute of Design, a new center at Standford University that promotes and practices “multidisciplinary design thinking.” With a focus on radical collaboration and a “culture of innovation,” the “d.school” could be th…

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