Imperfect eagles, and other thoughts

One of my resolutions for 2009 is to do more original thinking (via my writing here) and less pointing to other stuff.  2008 was a very busy year for me on many levels, which led to less writing and more pointing.  And to be honest I lost some interest in this blog in favor of thinking about gnarlyness on one of my other blogs, but after some reflection over the past couple of weeks — as well as the inspiration of meeting (!) some life heroes and observing how they've found ways to live their lives to the fullest (hint: cancel your cable TV subscription, fly to England when you want to, don't be afraid to let it all hang out, communicate with integrity and passion), I now have a crisper point of view about where to go with things here, and I hope you'll like it.  I hope most of it means back to the future.  Without promising too much, hopefully the quality and frequency will both go up.  As a wise man once said, do both! 

So, less pointing, more thinking.

Of course, since I'm an imperfect man living an imperfect life as best I can, allow me the liberty of pointing to something right now:  Walking Eagles

Let's hope 2008 was the year where walking eagles did their stuff, and that in 2009 we can all soar.

3 thoughts on “Imperfect eagles, and other thoughts

  1. Hey now…. there is nothing wrong with a little gnarlyness…
    Seriously though, I am looking forward to some new content on metacool as well.
    P.S. Happy New Year.

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