Creating Cool Stuff with Storytelling, part 4

I can’t tell you how much I learn from good blogs.  One I particularly like is Presentation Coach.  Scott Rayburn writes pure gems about making good presentations, telling better stories.  His latest post,  “About fear…” is wonderful, because it acknowledges the fact that we’re all human, and nothing in life ever reaches a state of 100% perfection:

Will you make mistakes? Of course.

Will there be flashes of panic? Yes.

Will you forget details? Most likely.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes, to be anxious. Then carry
on. Just don’t make yourself a liability for your message. It’s too
important for that.

I love Scott’s approach to public speaking.  When was the last time you did anything worthwhile without  making a mistake or two?  Giving yourself permission to make mistakes is about much more than effective public speaking, it’s about being innovative across your entire life.  Just go do it!