Helping Evangelists Craft the Message

The marketing people at Mini do so many things so very well, it’s hard to know where to start.  So let’s begin with the lowly Mini bumper sticker:


I created this sticker in just two minutes at the Mini website.  What’s happening here is quite cool: rather than printing a jillion stickers, dropping them in the mail, and then hoping that someone slaps one on a car (or even worse, selling the stickers, which is what most automakers do), Mini lets you design your own, and provides you with instructions on how to turn it into a sticker.  Odds are only a few Mini whackos will take the time to create a sticker, print it out, and place it ever so carefully on the boot of their Mini.  But imagine the deep and passionate conversations these Mini ambassadors can have with civilians around the world! 

As a marketer, you want evangelists talking about your offering because their voice rings true and pure in a way that yours can’t.  So why not enable them to create true and pure marketing collateral, too?