Here’s a cool idea:  hold an eight-hour hackathon for your offering or business.  Get a lot done.  Innovate.  Hackathoninnovation, in other words.

The people over at FeedBurner did this recently, and got a whole bunch of stuff done.  Sure, this is easier done if your offering is a piece of web software, but I’d argue that the spirit of a hackathon can be applied to everything from your corner Dairy Queen to the Pentagon.  It’s the innovation equivalent of working an extra weekend shift on the manufacturing line to get it cleared of WIP.  It’s all about turning off the WiFi, switching off Outlook, closing the meeting calendar, and getting stuff done.  It’s about really focusing on the important stuff, rather than on the urgent or routine.

Racers get the idea of a hackathoninnovation — they have to do it all the time.

What could you hack today?