Building a Product Dynasty: Gran Turismo 4

Five simple steps to creating a product dynasty, a la Kazunori Yamauchi:

  1. Tap into your abiding love for cars and racing to create a vision of the best damn driving game/simulation around.
  2. Hire only programming maniacs and monster artists who share your extravagant automotive fetish.
  3. Do everything totally, massively, to the hilt.
  4. Ship the best damn game to market.  See what works and what doesn’t, and take notes for future editions.
  5. Wait a few years, go back to Step 2 and repeat.  Wait a  few more years and repeat again.  Let another presidential term slip by and repeat once more.

Today is one of those hallowed days that makes even this thirty-something professional giggle like a kid on Christmas morning.  Why?  Because today — today!! — the talented crew of Polyphony launches Gran Turismo 4, a tribute to focused vision, technical virtuosity, and the entrepreneurial moxie it takes to design every fractal element — from large to small — to the hilt.

Excuse me while I go flog my Toyota Celica WRC rally car through the snowy forests of Finland.

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  1. perhaps you oughta check out Forza Motorsport on the xbox for an even more detailed driving sim

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