Fortune on Blogging for Dollars

Fellow bloggers, members of the blog-reading community, and Web Dudes (you know who you are), I have to admit that my last few posts have been merely annotated links to third-party content rather than the stimulating, original material you’ve come to expect as a discerning reader of metacool.  Why?  I’ve had a helluva cold so far in 2005 and I’m not feeling too generative.

So, here’s another annotated link:  Fortune recently published an insightful article on the state of business blogging.  It briefly mentions The Official QuickBooks Online Edition blog I started at Intuit (I wrote the majority of the content on the QuickBooks Online blog before October 2004 — my name got overwritten when I left the company due to a bug in the TypePad software). 

Blogs are fast becoming a critical part of the marketing mix, so it’s worth your while to give the article a read.