Director’s Commentary of the Week: Joshua Prince-Ramus

Here’s a fantastic Director’s Commentary from architect Joshua Prince-Ramus.  It’s a video of his talk from TED2006, and it he provides an eye-opening look at the design process which has created works such as the Seattle Public Library, among others.  Three interesting threads are woven in to his commentary:

  • The notion of employing a "hyper-rational" design process in the name of creating emotionally resonant experiences and spaces.
  • Using a team-based design process, rather than the more traditional "star designer" model often found in architecture and industrial design.
  • Designing for business by using flexible spaces to enable economic viability now and in to the future.

The storytelling is great.  If you can, it’s easily worth the twenty minutes you’ll spend.  This is how innovative behavior looks and feels and happens.

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