Director’s Commentary: the Ferrari F2007

Here’s a Director’s Commentary by proxy.  Former Formula 1 mechanic turned author and commentator Steve Matchett walks us around some of the aerodynamic details on the Ferrari F2007 Formula 1 car. 

Warning!  There’s a lot of gearheadedness here.  It’s a quick watch though, and even if you’re not in to the extreme technological thinking that goes in to a modern F1 car, it is worth thinking about this:  what might happen if all the human ingenuity currently being poured in to carving out the tiniest margins of relative performance were instead focused upon creating paradigm shifts in the way we move across the planet?  That would be mind-boggling, I suspect.

Unfortunately, motorsports has become largely a game of incremental innovation.  It needs to be a place where revolutionary innovation is not just encouraged, but essential.

Well, a guy can dream.  Until then, tomorrow’s Grand Prix is at Monza, my favorite circuit on the calendar.  It’s the hallowed ground were the greatest racers like Nuvolari, Fangio, and Moss all plied their craft.  I might even get up at 4am to watch it live. 

Go Massa!  Forza Ferrari!