Designing for Difference with Chris Bangle

Chris Bangle Stanford Revs Program Diego Rodriguez

I'm very happy to be interviewing Chris Bangle onstage next week as part of an Open Garage series event at the Stanford Revs Program.  Our discussion will focus on the topic of "Designing for Difference in a World of Sameness".  I have nothing but respect for what Chris did at Fiat, BMW, Mini and beyond.  He knows what it means to believe passionately in a set of ideas, and to bring forth change to create something new in the world as an embodiment of those ideas.

The car I drive is a sculpture created by Chris and team, so you can imagine how stoked (and honored) I am to be having this discussion with him. 

I'd love to hear what kinds of questions you'd like me to ask Chris — please leave a comment below with your ideas, and I'll use them as input and inspiration for our talk.  Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Designing for Difference with Chris Bangle

  1. When you are asking the public to stretch and accept more radical unfamiliar design, how to you prepare them for it so they don’t reject it outright and create a disastrous sales plunge?

  2. Dear Diego, would you be able to send us the slide. I couldn’t find anywhere else. There are tons of requests on Youtube asking for the slide, or the recording in which the slide is visible. It is really missing :(.
    Appreciate your help!

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