Designing Adidas, Designing Zissou

Wes Anderson designs every element of his movies.  While most motion pictures are staged sets overlaid with a thin veneer of reality, Anderson’s movies are true portraits of alternate realities where every detail is premeditated.  In The Royal Tenenbaums, for example, he needed to film the Tenenbaums in a home-like setting, so he went out and converted a grand old New York house into a functioning movie set.  The Real Deal.  Part of the pleasure watching an Anderson movie is picking out all the interesting stuff on screen — he has an eye for interesting designs. 

That’s why I’m so stoked to see The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.  It looks to be full of cool stuff from the golden age of Cousteau.

10jan04 Zissou Update:  for those of you trying to find Team Zissou Adidas shoes, they don’t exist.  But they might soon if you bug Adidas enough.  Go to Josh Rubin’s blog to send them an email, or sign Reuel Alvarez’s online petition.  Customer evangelism, indeed!

4 thoughts on “Designing Adidas, Designing Zissou

  1. I am looking forward to seeing the film. I’ve been following people’s reactions/reviews in the blogosphere. One ‘hot’ item appears to be the ‘Zissou’ Adidas shoe. I think I read about 10+ blog posts of people asking “Where can I get them!”

  2. Yep — those Adidas Zissou shoes are pretty cool.
    I think what makes them so cool is that Wes Anderson went to such lengths to create a perfect facsimile of a vintage Adidas shoe. If the shoe actually existed, it wouldn’t be cool, know what I mean?
    However, I do want a pair and wish that Adidas would make a run of ’em.

  3. Man I love those sneakers!
    I have seen fakies on ebay etc. going for 110bux!!? 4 stripes on them LOL.
    I have also seen some guys recreate them using adidas ROM series.
    I guess I’ll just hope and pray. Or maybe stalk Bill Murray until he gives me his if he owns any.

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