You can prototype anything: Ayr Muir-Harmony and Clover Food Lab


"I spent weeks thinking about and composing this. It’s very important to me, to the company, and I hope to all of you. This is a statement of the philosophy by which we are building Clover. We’re not coming to you with a product that is complete. Instead we’re hoping to engage you. We have big things we want to achieve and we’ll only be able to get there with your help.

Third, like most things Clover this wall is going to change. The white paint comes out in 3 weeks."

Ayr Muir-Harmony, founder, Clover Food Lab


I'm a big fan of what Ayr Muir-Harmony has been doing with his startup Clover Food Lab over the past two years.  I'm jealous, even.  Ayr is incredibly gutsy, but also deeply thoughtful about how we goes about failing his way to success.  His venture is all about learning by getting out there and engaging with customers in an authentic, honest, and open way.  

Ayr lives Principle 5 better than just about any other person I've met.