Bu’wicked Virtual Marketing, revisited

Earlier this month I pondered the existence of the Bu’wicked Special in Polyphony’s GT4 video game, and whether this was an intentional product placement by Buick or just a happy accident.

Ford gets it.  They played an active role in placing the new Mustang in GT4 (and also the Ford GT, which is an integral element of GT4’s branding).  In a recent Automotive News story, Killol Bhuta, assistant marketing manager for the Mustang, said, "One out of every four Mustangs we sell is
to an individual under the age of 34.  Chances are very
good they are also game players".  Myself, my first test drive of the Mustang came in GT4. 

What are all the virtual places where your offerings could live in order to help people understand your brand?