Joi Ito on innovating with agility

Awesome post from Joi Ito today, talking about innovation process and government policy.  An excerpt:

Generally speaking, it's probably cheaper and faster and more effective
to make a prototype than to make presentation deck. It's also probably
easier to test something on real users than to do lots of marketing and
guessing. My recommendation to just about anyone with an idea is to
just build the thing, iterate until you have some user traction, then
pitch angel investors based on that traction. This is very much in line
with the old IETF motto of "rough consensus, running code."

Joi's thinking is well worth a read (us usual, I'm not telling you anything new there).

When it comes to innovation principles, I'm a bit of a wooden stake looking for vampires these days, but in Joi's thinking I see the following at play:

Speaking of which, I need to heed my advice and ship the last set of principles.  Now.  I'll get on it.

1 thought on “Joi Ito on innovating with agility

  1. Diego, I was hoping you would be working on the final set of principles. But I figured it was summer and you needed to catch your breath!
    metacool is favorite read of mine. Thanks for sharing all that you’re learning.
    Keep creating…fast,

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