Pouring Gas, Recognizing Real Users, and Extreme Delegation


If you’re interested in hearing a cool discussion about creating contagious behavior, pouring gas on fires, releasing control and the future of marketing, check out this video of the panel discussion I moderated earlier this year with Bob Sutton at the 2006 AlwaysOn conference. Joining us on the panel were:

  • Mitchell Baker, CEO of Mozilla
  • Perry Klebahn, d.school professor, entrepeneur, and inventor of the modern snow shoe
  • Gil Penchina, CEO of Wikia

What an awesome group!  The video image is kind of small, the open Internet comment box can be a bit distracting, but the sound quality is good, and that’s what matters.  This insights and thoughts brought up by Mitchell, Perry, and Gil knocked my hat into the creek.  I love marketing innovation. 

For a nice written summary of the panel discussion, see this post on Bob’s blog.