A thought on teams and leadership and stuff

Teams that win do so because they are winning teams first.  The emphasis should be on creating the winning team, not on the winning.

2 thoughts on “A thought on teams and leadership and stuff

  1. Diego: Just like when we discussed Apple and Firefox: i totally agree that winning is tremendously related with plain confidence. Anyway, more and more i see friends and people whom i relate to at work, usually “mba’s”, desesperately looking for that commitment with victory…and it’s sort of pathetic, since it seems like there’s no other objective but success.
    I believe that the real focus should be on winning, but not necesarilly in the simple fact of beating the competition.
    I am very insistent with my students in this: do not think of your current “competitor” as the goal, think of yourself, world problems, and only then you will have a real goal.

  2. Remember the definition of winning is what theconsumers decide not us in the team… so creating winning teams is definitely iterative and magic. I’ve always worked in teams… they intrigue me. I wrote this on teams which you might find interesting: http://snipurl.com/1oilb

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