Bob Lutz in the FastLane Blog

Stop the presses!

Bob Lutz (aka The Man) is blogging up a storm over at FastLane Blog

So far as I can tell, the content (if not the typing) really does come from Lutz, not from some junior MBA over at GM.  And as one would expect from the premier product guy of the Known Universe, his blog, though young, already contains many tasty bits, such as this thought about Saturn:

What would you do if you had a brand whose customer service  reputation was that high for that long despite having a narrow, aging
product lineup? I, for one, would first get down on my knees and thank
the Maker for the finest retail network in the industry. Then, I would
set to work replenishing the product portfolio.

And this one on design thinking:

The creative process is not, nor will it ever be, “scientific.” You
cannot start with quantitative research to find the “big idea.” Whether
it’s cars or movies or clothes, a company needs inspired, free-ranging
discussion among its top creative people.

Beyond the massive wisdom about design, innovation, marketing, and leadership to be found in Mr. Lutz’s blog, we also need to celebrate FastLane as a milestone in the history of corporate blogging.  A while ago I praised the actions of Honda CEO Takeo Fukui, and asked the question "What if the CEO knew his products?"  With Lutz raising the ante, maybe the right question to ask now is "What if the CEO could write a believable blog about his products?"

Bob Lutz blogging?  This bodes well for the future of mankind.